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Are you wondering for the development of Spiritual insight and learning Meditation as a pathway to reach inner self and work on yourself for self-realization? Indian Vedic city -Rishikesh offering you an opportunity to become a Meditation teacher. Learn more than 20 different global meditation techniques.

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Meditation Retreat Center Rishikesh,Global Teacher Training Certificatio...

International Certification - Guided Meditation Teacher Training School - Rishikesh,India
300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course - Beginner & Intermediate Level Practitioners.
28 Days Residential - Retreat Center in foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh,India

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Meditation Techniques for Seniors to cope with Financial Stress

How Meditation & Spiritualism Can Help Seniors in India Cope with Financial Stress

Meditation is a vehicle to take you on to the journey of Inner Path. Our life goes through different aspects of life and one of those is management of financial part. We all earn our money to live better life but in today livelihood scenario. It is not that easy.This blog will reveal you the facts about working younger easy life and family ship of Seniors. 

Seniors in India are the fastest growing segment of the population. By definition, a senior in India is a person who is 60 years old or more. Currently, there are more than 100 million elderly citizens in the country and the population is expected to increase by 40% in the period 2000-2050 according to the United Nations. 

Seniors Live Alone
The Census 2011 data revealed that 15 million senior citizens live alone and of this figure, 75% are women. Although India is a country that prides itself on strong & closely knit-families, the statistics show otherwise. More than 50% of households surveyed do not have anyone aged 60 or above living with them.

Financial Stress
Elderly people living with a family member have someone helping take care of them. The socio-economic burden predominantly lies with the son, daughter or relative. In contrast, seniors living on their own have to be independent and self-reliant economically and financially. With a majority of the seniors, working is necessary to sustain themselves and their spouse. The uncertainty of finances contributes to stress and anxiety among the elderly. Tobacco and alcohol consumption may be a typical response to cope with stress and anxiety. Grover and Malhotra reviewed data that suggests depression among the elderly is high associated with aging, unemployment, and poor socioeconomic status.

Dealing with Financial Stress

Tackling the problem is essential not only by providing assistance to the elderly financially (government or NGO support schemes) but also mentally and physically to improve their well-being. Promoting health care policies and programs benefit India’s elderly immensely. Exercising, walking and meditation can help take off the stress of financial uncertainty. Yoga, in particular, is viewed as a positive form of reducing stress and anxiety. It sharpens the mind, improves mood, enhances balance, protects joints and bones while building strength and endurance to help seniors cope with stressful life events. Note, however, that although many forms of yoga are perfectly safe, caution must be exercised with the elderly as it can become a strenuous activity.

With the time passing we all see the reality of life that we all make money for livelihood but our life management plan always changes due to circumstances we face in daily life. Due to growth of Income and development of society. We always being careless that days and age are flying by and what we need to be more focused if we want to live a Healthy life. Our unique India has global learning approach and this continue growth of global learning is somewhere taking us to leave our Vedic wisdom. If we maintain our living way with spiritual path and continue to Meditation practice. It will heal and work for us. Bhakti Yoga has nine modes and five mental attribute.

There are many meditation techniques which eastern world produce and spreading to the global meditation learning community. You can explore with us more about 20 different meditation techniques in our 28 Days meditation training - International certification program.
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10 Easy Steps for Meditation for Beginners

                                     Meditation Steps for beginners practitioners

Indian Meditation School at Rishikesh ,Sharing you techniques to learn Meditation practicing yourself. Here are 10 easy steps to start meditation.

Most of us wonder about meditation.What is Meditation and how to start practicing it ? Today you will experience it is not difficult as it appeared in our first thought. The assumption of thought of sitting silent with your eyes closed and your mind focused on one thought seems to scare many of us. But meditation can be really easy. Here are 10 great tips to get you started on your road to nirvana.
Pick the time
Meditation is a time to relax and the time you pick should be entirely yours. It is important that you choose a time when you will not get disturbed and have the freedom to extend the session if you please. The best part about picking the time is that you are not anxious about the next activity you have to do. This not only allows you to relax it also helps deepen the process of meditation.  Practitioners suggest the hours during either sunrise and sunset, while nature transitions between day and night, is ideal for the practice.
Silence please!
A quiet and calm place is of course the best for meditation. Avoid places where you are likely to be disturbed by your family, house help or dog/cat. A quiet corner is the best to ease you into a trance, making your meditation experience more enjoyable and relaxing.
Take a seat
Your posture makes all the difference. Sit comfortably and in a place that is steady. Your spine should be erect with your shoulders and neck relaxed. Make sure you sit on the floor on a rug or mat and keep your eyes closed throughout meditation process.  
Eat light
Meditation is best done before a meal or with a half-full stomach (usually two hours after a meal). Trying to meditate after a heavy meal will only make you sleepy and you will doze off during the process. A light stomach leads to a more agile mind that has enough energy to focus on one thing. Your brain is not diverting all its energies towards digesting food or trying to keep hunger pangs at bay. Also, make sure you do not try to meditate when you are hungry, you will find it extremely difficult to concentrate.
Warm-up first
It is best you do a few warm-up exercises before you get to meditating. This is because warming up the body helps to improve circulation, reduces restlessness and helps the body feel lighter. Try doing some light stretching exercises or sukshma yoga (a short and easy yoga practice that lasts for about seven minutes and is designed to loosen up the body) before you start.
Breathe easy
Before you start, it is best to do some deep breathing. This not only helps oxygenate your body and internal organs, it will also help you ease into the meditative state better. Try doing breathing exercises like anulom vilom before you start. A few minutes should be good enough to prepare you. (Read: Anulom vilom pranayam – beat diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol with this yoga asana)
Smile, it increases your face value
While meditating, make sure you have a gentle smile on your face. It will help you feel happier, more relaxed and peaceful. That gentle smile will help you meditate better. Don’t worry about anyone looking at you or  judging you, you are meditating for your own well-being.
Get some guidance
During the first few times you meditate it might be difficult to actually focus. The best way is to get some direction by using guided meditation techniques. These are simple audio files that will instruct you as you meditate. Not only does this make the process simpler it is also much more enjoyable.
Be gentle with your eyes
Once you are done with your meditation, don’t be in a hurry to get back to your routine. Open your eyes slowly and allow yourself to once again become aware of yourself and your surroundings.
Enjoy your day
Experts say that meditation is like an instant energy booster. It enlivens the mind and body helping you stay charged for the rest of the day. Consider it your mini-vacation.
Finallyaccording to Guru ‘Meditation happens, you can’t do it. You can only create a congenial atmosphere for it to happen.’
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